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Uh... so... I'm bored... and...

Random Comic Generator v2.0 by Delya
Paper or plastic?
panel 1
panel 2
panel 3
Quiz created with MemeGen!

LiveJournal Username
Favorite color duct tape
Do you fit in a box?
How are you in bed?
You are this kinky:
Your kinky flirt buddy is...renosexual
Your kinky play mate is...zellbendsover4u
Your kinky lover is...seventhtequila
Your kinky pimp is...iluvedyoullama
You will die from an STD by the time you are 20:False
This many people want to be kinky with you:39,224,864
Out of your kinkiness you earn:$416,316
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Scorpio Horoscope at DailyHoroscopes.Biz

Wow. I didn't know that many people even knew I exist.

LiveJournal Username
Pick a crayon color
What was the last thing you threw away?
Brand of jeans?
What Makes you happy?
Spiderman and the Hulk had a fight, who won?
Pirate, ninja, or caveman?
Cake or death?
Will be attacked by a bandicoot in heat.seventhtequila
Having sex on a roller derby coarse.touretteslady
Choked to death on random crayon.spiras_phobe
Will commite mass suicide with Kool-Aideat_thy_shorts
Will contract too many STDs (you know who you are)hasmommyissues
Bludgeoned to death with spork quististrix
This will all happen within this many days...1,357
You are the cause...True
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LiveJournal Username
favorite color
favorite baby animal
sugar or splenda?
Is the first to dieslutisthelimit
Kills their best friendcheerupgriever
Kills themself0ne_wingd_angel
Dies in a failed attempt to run awayfrigid_opera
Pretends not to enjoy the slaughtereat_thy_shorts
Is your mentor until you have to kill themtouretteslady
Frees the survivorsilikecashnblue
Probability that you survive
Fun Quizzes by Catie at BlogQuiz.Net
Capricorn Horoscope at DailyHoroscopes.Biz

Suicide is not the answer, Nii-san...

Yes, I have been thinking about death a lot lately.


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