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I was spacing out on the road again and I crashed my bike into the side of a truck and now my left arm is broken in four places. T____T
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Poor thing..

It is what you get for not paying much attention to the road.

...perhaps some neosporin will help?
I know... I'm going to let it heal itself to see if I can teach myself a lesson.

...Isn't that for cuts?
well, good for you then?

...thats blasphemy... Neosporin is for everything.
...It can't heal broken bones...
Poor thing... D: Have a doc' take look at it yet?

Serves you right for leavin' me to get slobbered by the tentacle monster. *wriggles nose*

And no, not yet... I bandaged it up myself.
Dang Nii-san. You should have been payin' attention to the roads!
I know T_T
Oh no, Cloud-kun! D: I hope you will be okay. You must be very careful on the road cuz cuz...well, you should know. o_o *runs home to go back get well cookies*
I know... I'm so bad at it, though. T_T OOH COOOOOOOOOOKIES
o_O I thought we were gonna practice paying attention on the road! Why did you leave without me? TAT

Be more careful, dammit!
I needed to go to Walgreens really, really bad...

I'll try harder next time.
Awww.... Well, if you have to go really bad, then I suppose it's all right.

Boff that, you're hurt, that's blasphemy! *gives Cloud a mega-potion*
Oh... well, I'm letting it heal itself, to see if I can teach myself a lesson and learn to drive straight ^_^
O_o Are you sure it'll heal right? *pats*


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