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Hello! Somehow, you managed to come across emopie, a roleplay journal for the community finalcrack. If roleplay scares you, you are easily offended, or you're already confused, then I suggest you hit the back button immediatly.

Name: Cloud Strife
Age: 23
Sign: ...Who cares?
Status: Taken by many... not always voluntarily
Occupation: Being Zack SOLDIER AVALANCHE; Taking care of small children; being raped daily; Sephiroth's chew toy

I'm not sure how I ended up here, but I would really like to get out. I like swords, cucumber salad, and excessive drama. I'd appreciate it if you would not touch me.

Behind this Cloud is a snarky teenage girl whose name doesn't need to be known by anyone who doesn't already. She usually resides over at projection, moderates finalcrack and is a founder over at acratings, both of which you should join.


(Please understand that this journal is for roleplay. If you think roleplay/anime/games or any of my other interests are stupid, or you're disgusted by the way I play Cloud, I don't care in the least, so save your energy. I don't believe I am Cloud, nor do I take myself so seriously that I think I play a good Cloud, so anything you say will be completely wasteful. Good day.)