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1) One thing you can't stand about ilikecashnblue? I dunno who it is T_T
2) Where was plush__phile born? ...FFX?
3) Does yazoo_hime have a crush on 0ne_wingd_angel? Probably XD
4) Are slutisthelimit and yazoo_hime married? No, though she'd probably like it
5) Does yazoo_hime do drugs? Seems like it. He needs Ritalin
6) Is iluvedyoullama related to you? No -_-;
7) What mental disorder does iluvedyoullama remind you of? ADHD
8) Do you think ilikecashnblue is hot? Sure?
9) What animal should yazoo_hime be combined with? A pelican
10) What is not_just_adream's favorite band/artist? Um... I dunno. I bet he likes good music, though.
11) If shinra_cookie and spookierthanyou were spliced together, what would it be like? A weird looking hybrid person O_o;
12) What flavor of jello would kapow_rikku be? Uh... orange?
13) Is renosexual dead sexy? NO.
14) Do you have 0ne_wingd_angel's screenname? Yes! Sephy on crack
15) If leather_sweety was a superhero, who would be his/her archnemesis? I dunno... someone allergic to leather
16) What planet should not_just_adream be from? He should be from MY planet >|
17) Does 73h__d34d have a big secret? Doesn't everyone?
18) Which president would quististrix be likely to idolize? Uh... one of the smart ones? Lincoln? I dunno many presidents T_T
19) Is shinra_cookie an emo? No! He's cooler than that!
20) Is spookierthanyou 1337? He is cool, yeah
21) Has frigid_opera dyed their hair? I dunno?
22) What color should frigid_opera dye their hair? Lime green and highlighter orange
23) What do you disagree with ilikecashnblue about? I still dunno who that is
24) How long have you known shoot_u_up? Like, five days
25) What is 73h__d34d's favorite color? Black
26) What is yazoo_hime's favorite movie? The Princess Diaries
27) Is frigid_opera a nerd? I don't knowwwww
28) What would shoot_u_up give eat_thy_shorts for his/her birthday? A rifle? A blowjob?
29) If plush__phile took over the world, who would be happy? I WOULD! :D
30) Where did you first meet notapairofpants? LiveJournal
31) What languages does hasmommyissues speak? Crazy person O_o
32) What rank would j3n0v4 have in a giant robot army? She'd be the commander :D
33) If renosexual were hanging off a cliff, what would eat_thy_shorts do? Make fun of him for having a penis and walk away
34) Is projection your best friend? Ewwwww
35) Are touretteslady and yazoo_hime going steady? I sure hope not. Too loud O_o;
36) Would you set up 0ne_wingd_angel and cheerupgriever? NO.
37) Where would spiras_phobe most like to visit? I have no idea
38) Does zellbendsover4u go to your school? I don't go to school
39) Would you wrestle shinra_cookie in jello? I don't like jello
40) What would you do if quististrix died? I'd be sad for her.
41) How long would kapow_rikku dating ilikecashnblue last? 41 minutes
42) What video game does thong_of_doom remind you of? Final Fantasy IX
43) Is quististrix related to renosexual? I don't think so
44) What is spiras_phobe's favorite game? Mario Kart!
45) Do you have a crush on eat_thy_shorts? No...
46) Which of your friends should cheerupgriever go out with? Momma :D
47) What would ilikecashnblue think of quististrix? I don't know
48) What animal does spookierthanyou remind you of? A bat. 'Cause he's a vampire.
49) Is ilikecashnblue popular? I don't know who he is...
50) Did shinra_cookie break up with you? We never went out
51) What would ilikecashnblue do differently in your shoes? Ask him.
52) What would you do if you found out shoot_u_up has a crush on you? Think he was joking
53) Has 73h__d34d been to your house/dorm? He's been farther than that. ;o
54) Where was 0ne_wingd_angel born? NIBELHEIM!
55) Is j3n0v4 single? I think? Unless she's dating Kefka-san.
56) What word best describes j3n0v4? Momma
57) Is slutisthelimit a college student? I dunno. She's a slut.
58) When did you last call hasmommyissues? Last Wednesday
59) How tall is projection? 5'2"
60) Have you ever dated thong_of_doom? No >|
61) What is spookierthanyou's shoe size? Hella big O_o;
62) Thoughts on 73h__d34d? <33333333333
63) Would you make out with thong_of_doom? Nope
64) If kapow_rikku took over the world, who would suffer? EVERYONE
65) Would shoot_u_up be a better ninja or pirate? Pirate, I think. But he's a cowboy, and they're a category of their own.
66) Do zellbendsover4u and leather_sweety go to the same school? They don't go to school, either.
67) Does hasmommyissues travel a lot? Only if he has Momma's box with him
68) Does leather_sweety have a dog? No, but he has a whip!
69) Does shoot_u_up drink? We all do.
70) Are quististrix and zellbendsover4u going out? Probably not.
71) Could you see 0ne_wingd_angel and 0ne_wingd_angel together? Yes!
72) quististrix's hair color? Blonde
73) slutisthelimit's eye color? ...Blue?
74) How would iluvedyoullama kill ilikecashnblue? With her ninja skills
75) Is notapairofpants friends with touretteslady? He's friends with everyone...
76) Does projection know leather_sweety? Uhhhh...
77) If plush__phile and zellbendsover4u were siamese twins, where would they be joined? At the butt
78) If not_just_adream and yazoo_hime were spliced together, what would be its name? not_just_ahime
79) Is thong_of_doom athletic? Not really. No offense :|
80) Would j3n0v4 go out with notapairofpants? I hope so :D
81) What exotic animal would hasmommyissues like as a pet? A small alien
82) How would quististrix conquer the world? With her dominatrix skills
83) Would seventhtequila and touretteslady look good together? No?
84) What comic book character would iluvedyoullama be? Yuffie from the KH Manga
85) Would thong_of_doom and 73h__d34d make a good couple? NO >|
86) What is 0ne_wingd_angel's biggest flaw? He likes destruction too much
87) What is thong_of_doom's favorite food? ...I dunno?
88) Would you ever date shoot_u_up? Probably not :|
89) Have you flirted with shoot_u_up? Maybe when I was drunk...
90) What do you agree with hasmommyissues about? Not much...
91) One quality you find attractive in renosexual? ...Nothing comes to mind
92) If ilikecashnblue had a superpower, what would it be? I dunno?
93) If magikal_stik commanded an army, who would be his/her followers? Everyone
94) Is projection a high school student? Sure
95) What is hasmommyissues allergic to? Too much time spent away from Momma
96) Is quististrix in a relationship? Maybe with Ruru-senpai
97) What song/movie would you recommend to plush__phile? One where they go to the toy store
98) Does yazoo_hime smoke? I don't think he does.
99) Is hasmommyissues introverted or extroverted? Extroverted
100) How many monkeys could quististrix fight at once and win against? Probably a lot
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